Institut Michel Guérard® | Health Cuisine®
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Health Cuisine®

Heath Cuisine®

I first won my spurs as a “dietary cook” back in 1968, at an elegant hairdressing salon in the Avenue Montaigne in Paris, run by the famous – and truly inspired – hairdresser Antonio, who took luxury so seriously that he would drive his lady customers back home in a Rolls-Royce. At the time he had asked me to set up a refined snack bar with dietetic tendencies inside the salon, and I called it “La Ligne” …

Michel Guérard

Michel Guérard was born in Vétheuil (Val d’Oise), on 27th March 1933, and comes from a family of butchers and livestock farmers. He spent the Second World War, the Occupation and the Liberation in Normandy, where he began attending secondary school in Rouen in 1947…